The New Wonder Woman

Feminists have stated that they don’t want Wonder Woman  to be drawn as an attractive woman. That they want her to be portrayed as a “real woman” so as not to offend the self esteem of any young girls.

First, define “real woman”. Are Feminists implying that a real woman is unattractive? Are Feminists subliminally telling little girls not to aspire to be in their best physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional condition? How is telling little girls that real women are unattractive not offensive?

Second, she’s a fictional character created by the man who invented the lie detector. A man who had sexual fetishes and an open marriage. Her magical lasso often ended up being used against Wonder Woman herself and that was a bondage fetish that Pin-up Icon Bettie Page would’ve  approved of. Hot chicks get tied up. Check the websites. But remember, the male heroes also got captured and tied up too. It’s a cliche.


And third, Wonder Woman was meant to be hot. She’s Wonder Woman! The name suits her.  She has to be gorgeous, not ugly. She is Princess Diana of The Amazons. A daughter of Zeus. The critics overlook that she is a leader of women and men. A warrior. No daughter of Zeus is ugly.  Why does she have to be ugly? Does Disney have ugly princesses? Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana is practically a Greek Goddess. She’s “Wonder Woman” not “I-wonder-if-she’s-a-woman”. Is it now politically incorrect to look good and flaunt it?  It’s not their fault if they are born, or as Jessica Rabbit says, drawn that way. With all the sex being written into comics, how can Wonder Woman be unattractive? And Jessica is married to a rabbit. That’s  bestiality and they’re complaining about Wonder Woman being attractive?


Feminists won’t create their own character because they can’t. They could not even give DC Comics a sketch of what they wanted Wonder Woman to look like. They just wanted her to be “less attractive”. They cannot create a character who can or could match up with Wonder Woman. That’s the modus operandiof all organizations with hidden agendas: take over what is already there and change it. They did not build it. They just want to fundamentally ruin what other people have enjoyed for a long time. They’re miserable and want you to feel the same way because misery loves company. Instead of being cheerleaders and promoting the positive, they are being losers and making everything negative. Life is already too short to go through with a lousy attitude like that.


Wonder Woman is far too established. She is a pop icon. She has been around for decades, thus she has a built in fan base that a new, unattractive character cannot approach. That’s why groups with agendas always go after the established characters; because they cannot top their popularity with their new agenda-driven creations. Super girl and Power Girl are technically superior to Wonder Woman but Wonder Woman remains Queen of comics.

Lynda Carter would often talk about the beauty within people when she was portraying Wonder Woman. But Feminists don’t want Lynda Carter, they  want Roseanne Barr or Rosie O’Donnell as Wonder Woman. Fat chance. What little girl would want an ugly Princess Diana/ Wonder Woman on her school bag, jacket, school folders, pillow case or bedsheets? DC will not throw away all that money in merchandising to appease politics. DC is owned by Warner Brothers whose CEO must answer to the stockholders.  Money rules.


A lot of hardcore fans don’t even like Wonder Woman’s look today. The image of Wonder Woman drawn in the 1970s still remains the most favorite look for her; coincidentally the 70’s is when Lynda Carter played her…or maybe, it’s not a coincidence. Apply the suggestion to the male hero. Can you imagine Superman  without his super good looks. Imagine him obese, looking like Oliver Hardy of Laurel & Hardy? Or the Great One, Jackie Gleason as Spiderman?  Redd Foxx as Spawn? Or John Goodman as Robin the Boy Wonder? A hero or heroine needs to look the part people!


A television pilot for Wonder Woman was made last year with the attractive Andrea Palicki as the heroine. There was public criticism over the change in her costume. Wonder Woman was now “wearing the pants” ( the one who takes charge, makes decision, is the boss).  Unfortunately she really was wearing pants; look at the above picture. Her iconic shorts considered sexist by some of the populace were now replaced with blue pants and the fanboys were not happy about it.  It was a short-lived victory for Feminists anyway because the pilot never aired; and they never got their request fulfilled. The new Wonder Woman will appear in the new Batman versus Superman movie and she is still attractive.


The lovely Ms. Palicki was not chosen for the part. The role went to the equally lovely Ms. Gal Gadot instead. Her costume in the filtered picture released by Warner Brothers looks more like the one Lucy Lawless wore asXena: Warrior Princess.  Oddly enough Ms. Lawless was approached to play Wonder Woman over a decade ago but an actress playing the lead heroine in two franchises was not the norm then so she rejected the idea. A shame really; how often do you get to play two different Greek warrior-heroines?

I met Ms. Lawless when she portrayed Rizzo in the revival of the musical, Grease in New York. She is a very classy, attractive and tall woman who would have done Wonder Woman right in a live-action film. She did however, voiced the character in the DC Animated Film, Justice League: The New Frontier.  Wonder Woman is drawn bigger than Superman in that film. A Wonder Woman worthy of Xena. Ms. Lawless would not have been brutally compared to Lynda Carter as Palicki and Gadot were.


Whether Ms. Gadot has the acting skills to portray Wonder Woman time will tell.  For now, Ms. Carter remains the winner. As Wonder Woman set the bar for female super heroines, Lynda Carter set the bar for an actress to play Wonder Woman; a bar that Ms. Lawless would’ve cleared. It would be a great fanboy moment to see Ms. Lawless portray  an Amazon in the Wonder Woman movie. Perhaps the Feminists need to leave Wonder Woman alone and go after Lynda Carter for being the perfect Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter Directed by Vincent McEveety

The day after Batman’s 75th anniversary was the anniversary of Lynda Carter’s birthday. Happy Birthday Lynda.