This Stylish Songstress is Simply Adorbz

Here’s a snapshot: A petite, beautiful Japanese fashionista with the aesthetic of Gwen Stefani and the sweet, clear voice of a less commercial Selena Gomez. This person actually exists, and her name is Emergency Tiara.emergency-tiara-photo-300x224

This Berklee College of Music grad has a range of local shows under her belt, her most recent being the Mercury Lounge in NYC. I went, devoid of expectation as I’d never heard of Emergency Tiara before, but was pleasantly surprised. As a songwriter, Emergency Tiara has perfected a pop-meets-Motown sound, and her songs could soundtrack a fun, children’s Disney film or a long drive down the California coast. She’s written power ballads, power pop anthems and groovy, relaxed rock. Demi Lovato would buy any of her upbeat pop tracks for her own use, but Emergency Tiara’s tone is so crisp, light and pure, that she’s got the vocal talent to pull off anything in the setlist (even if she’d make bank selling songs to more established artists).

Her songs are playful and coy, as is her stage presence. She’s hot, she’s exotic, she’s somehow naïve and adorable. There’s no doubt Emergency Tiara feels at home on stage (though her backup singers and band seemed a bit less animated and performative) and watching her is a huge treat. Check and sift through her photos to fully grasp the visual.

I’d advise listening to “Poison” on SoundCloud and checking her site for upcoming shows. With a little work on her backup team and her continued branding efforts (she’s got a look, a sound, a certain finesse) Emergency Tiara should find great feedback and exposure once her album drops October 29.

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