Trump’s First Congress Discourse in America

United States president Donald Trump gave his congress discourse. He expressed about various topics.

President Donald Trump initiated by talking about safety in America. He wants Israel to remain an allie with America.

Trump continued by explaining the shortage of jobs. He said it is important for America to build more jobs. In that case, he mentioned he had already spoken with big companies. The companies stated that they will hire more employees.

Construction in America was also another topic. He confirmed that there will be better roads. Adding that it involves construction jobs. A program for construction will be in effect from his part.

The construction of the wall is still on high demand. President Donald Trump confirmed a wall will still be built. Trump stated he wants to prohibit drugs from entering the country. At the same time provide good services. Services for those who are addicted to drugs.

His safety concerns were still expressed. He declared he is going to work with America’s allies. He wants to destroy the terrorist group ISIS. Donald Trump stated that safety should be taken seriously. Therefore he wants to work with the Allies.

President Trump repeatedly spoke about the low percentage on jobs. Simply because companies have left to other countries. He blamed Nafta for making America lose many jobs.

For several minutes, he spoke about replacing Obamacare. “Lower costs of health insurance needs to occur,” added the president.

The crimes have taken a toll in a state. The state that Trump stated was Chicago. He said that communities must be protected. In his discourse he presented real life stories. For example, that of a young 20 year old girl. She had a rare disease.

Another example was of a man who lost his son. An undocumented immigrant murdered his son.

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