Well the Simpsons called it…. now what?

Well like it or not as of last night our new president is Donald Trump.  Even though the Simpsons saw this coming some 16 odd years ago, many of us would have never imagined that they would be calling “The Donald” the president of the United States. After early victories in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio it was almost certain, that even with the hope in the air that Hilary might pull through, Trump was going to win.duh  The Simpsons episode tried to make light of this now realistic scene; placing us years into the future with Lisa taking over the presidency from Donald Trump who had driven the country into bankruptcy. But now, as the Trumps make their way into the white house, the comedy seems to have left the building and is replaced with curiosity, worry and a hopefulness that things will work out for the best in the end. Obviously,there are some actual Trump supporters out there who have there own reasons for standing behind him and that is their opinion to have and clearly they got what they wanted.  On the other hand, Canada’s website to file for citizenship supposedly crashed during the night with the overwhelming amount of people attempting to runaway from the very idea of having Trump as their president.  No matter what you were doing last night the result still stands that Donald Trump is now our president.  Now the question remains..Now what??

simpson2 Hilary Clinton spoke with moving words to motivate the people into believing that we should keep moving forward and to never give up despite the outcome.  Her words broke with all of the emotion she and her supporters felt in that moment as the people watching with her and at home started to think of what lay towards the future.

Running away seemed like the popular choice when this whole thing first started, but now that everyone has had some time to think about it our options seem few.  Protesting, ranting, Accepting it, celebrating, however way you choose to react is up to you.  Social media has been littered with comments both positive and negative over the results of the vote. Especially since Hilary Clinton won the popular vote over Trump!  Some people are celebrating Trump’s victory while others are counting down to the second it turns into 2020 and we can attempt to get him out of the white house.  As I write this article I see my phone buzzing with news reports about anti-trump protests in the city of Philadelphia and I just want to know -How will you spend the next 4 years?