Are you staying consistent with diet and exercise in 2016?

If not, take a few of these ideas and implement them ASAP.

10 Ways to Make Your Life Greater


1. The only way to get and STAY motivated, is to hang out with other like-minded, highly motivated people.

You become who you hang out with. Hang out with people who will lift you up and take you closer to your goals.


2. Wake up every day with a Predetermined Plan.

It may sound cliché’, but if you fail to plan…you plan to FAIL.

Take 15 minutes every night and plan out your next day’s exercise and nutrition plan along with everything else on your plate. This simple exercise alone can make all the difference.

If you don’t plan your day, somebody else will. And I guarantee it won’t include your nutrition and exercise plan 🙂


3. Pursue your Passion and find your Purpose.

When you’re passionate about something, you’ll NEVER lose focus. That’s the beauty of finding your passion. Its not a job. Its life and makes you feel alive.

It guarantees your success, fulfillment, and defines your purpose in life. How do you serve the world? What gives your life meaning. Think, I mean really think all of our great. We just need to push our limits and allow it to shine through.

4. Always remember, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

This is always a tougher pill to swallow for the men than it is for the ladies, because we are generally more selfish by nature.

But when we learn to put others FIRST, before our own needs, it fulfills us on emotional and spiritual levels that makes us happier people.


5. Help as many people get what they want, without expecting anything back in return.

Ahhh yes. The secret to dominate life. When you help others get what they want, the world will give you everything you want. The law of attraction. It’s not a matter of if…but when. Just think what I sew is what I reap.

Just remember, sometimes it won’t be on your timeline.


6. Be positive no matter what the circumstances.

Research shows that positive thinking stimulates endorphins in your brain that can help you sleep better, recover faster, reduce inflammation, and “feel” happier.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Sometimes you can control what happens to you… and sometimes you can’t. But the one thing you can do is control your attitude, and how you react to stay positive.


7. Set goals that are attainable and celebrate how far you’ve come.

We all need a target to aim at; otherwise we’ll never hit it. But if you continue to set unrealistic goals, you’ll just set yourself up for disappointment and failure.

Make sure you set short term daily and weekly goals that you can accomplish.

This will ensure your long term bigger goals are achieved automatically.

How do you eat an elephant?? One bite at a time.


8. Do a good deed, once a week minimum.

Good deeds are like planting healthy seeds. If you’re consistently planting them and watering them, you’ll produce healthy fruit in your life.


9. Whatever you do, give it your all and have FUN doing it.

I’m not a believer in half-assing anything in life. I give it my all and I have fun. Even if I fail, at least I know in my heart I gave it everything. I encourage you to do the same.

Life is short. Hit it hard. Hold Nothing back. Set yourself to a higher standard and what you seek, you shall find.


10. Do GREAT things, and GREATNESS will find you.

Remember, nothing will be easy. But you’ll always reap what you sow. Always. Attempt great things and you will eventually experience greatness in your life.

And if you’re one of those people who’s always blaming others for your circumstances…

Do yourself a favor and stop it.

It’s requires much more energy and hard work to blame
others in the long run, than it does to take ownership for
your shortcomings.

In other words…

You only have ONE life. OWN it. Live, Laugh, Love and Enjoy it.

– Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

– Face your feared things first.

– Never give up on your dreams.

-Progress= Happiness. Make every day better. It is simple. It’s you vs. you. You did not wake up to be mediocre.
You woke up today to be ((((PHENOMENAL)))))

But enough of my rant! All of this is just advise. Do whatever the fudge you wanna do!

Your friend and coach,

Crystal aka Barbell Barbie. NY



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