If you’ve ever experienced bloating, water retention, or “mushy”
stomach fat that just won’t budge there are 4 different ways you
can manipulate your diet to make it disappear.

#1: Friendly Fat Manipulation

– By using LOW fat intake for a few days, followed by HIGHER
fat intake at just the right times you can increase your body’s
insulin sensitivity to minimize water retention and bloating…

#2: Sodium Manipulation

– Believe it or not, increasing sodium for brief periods of time,
followed by decreasing sodium directly afterwards can have
a profound effect on how flat your belly appears to look…


#3: Carbohydrate Manipulation

– Because your body holds nearly 3 grams of water for every
gram of starches or sugars you consume, carbohydrates can
easily be manipulated to make your midsection look flatter…

#4: Water Manipulation

– Last, but definitely not least, increasing water intake in a very
aggressive manner for a short period of time then deplete it.


Keep in mind this will not give you results if your body fat level is not on point. Use this manipulation method to showcase what you have already brought to the table. On the other hand if your lean enough try these tricks to help you showcase those guns!! But all of this is just advise. Do whatever the fudge you wanna do. 🙂

Your friend and coach,

Crystal aka Barbell_Barbie.NY



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