5 Pillars to weightloss

We all want a great body, We all want to be that beast in the gym that shines. What are the keys to do this. Today we will talk about the pillars to weight loss.

1. Psychology — Any changes you want to make in your life (weight loss or any other goals) start with your mindset and having an “I CAN DO” attitude. If you develop good daily habits, they will enable you to become stronger from within and overcome any external pressures.

2. Diet & Nutrition — About 70% to 85% of weight loss success can be attributed to having a healthy diet and sticking to a healthy eating plan made up of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats. People will stick to a plan that’s easy to follow, especially one that you can mix it up.

3. Exercise — Taking 10-15 minute of exercise every day, 3-6 times a week, greatly helps with psychology, mindset, enhances good mood and will burn calories. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can make a difference just by doing short bursts of exercise in your home, in the park or while out and about. No special gym equipment is necessary to make results doing this kind of exercise.

4. Supplementation — A healthy diet and exercise will certainly help you to lose weight, but including supplements as part your program will accelerate the process. It is best to start with a herbal tea to detox and flush out the toxins and compacted waste from your system so that the body can assimilate nutrients better.

5. Accountability — This is probably the most important aspect of any weight loss program because your biggest enemy might be yourself. A busy schedule, junk food, snacks, temptations, fatigue and loss of motivation, among many other factors, can make it easy for you to lose track of your goals and let your commitment to diet and exercise slip. Do not focus on the past, Do not focus on your bad days, focus on the certainty that you will change. Do not let life control you. Take control of your life and focus. Focus equals power.
Find the story that will empower you to act. Find a strategy and go for broke! Do not say you don’t have time, or I am too tired. You don’t have 6 pack abs or cant run a mile because you haven’t tried! If you want to take the island burn your fuckin boats and act. Cutt of all ties to uncertainty, to negativity to I am tired, I am depressed to it’s to hard. Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource. Take control of your life and take the next step in health and wellness.

Forgive my rant but I really want to see you get what you truly desire this year. Make today, tommorow and everyday better. We all have 86,400 seconds in a day. How you use those are critical. Life strong, live with passion and most of all ((GOD BLESS))

Keep going strong my friend,

Crystal aka Barbell_Barbie.NY




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