Brands That Mix Melanin With Nerdom

If your like me you love to wear your beloved fandom on your clothes and in your accessories. The Quirk Shop ( offers a Black girl spini on geekdom. The clothing is inspired by everything from Bob’s Burger, Star Wars, Sailormoon, Black Panther and even Cardi B.  The site offers super cute t shirts and crewneck sweatshirts. You can follow them on instagram @thequirkshopusa. My favorite items being a t shirt that reads “Cosplay & Cardi B.”.   Another brand to look out for is Adorned By Chi ( Like The Quirk Shop Adorned by Chi sprinkles a little black girl magic onto nerdom. They offers tees, Sweatshirts, pins, home goods, kids clothing and  more. One of my favorite items being pillows depicting a melanin afro reimagination of Sailormoon and Tuxedo Mask.  You can find items inspired by Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, KiKi’s Delivery Service, and Powerpuff Girls to name a few.  You can follow them on instagram @adornedbychi .


This is not a paid story. I have never purchased anything from these sites and cannot vouch with quality or customer service.

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