Q&A with Eve

Greetings nerds and geeks! It’s Eve again with another Q&A ! Our interviewees for this q&a is the amazingly talented cosplay creation group know as Costume_player_us on instagram.

/Q)When did you all start creating cosplay and what inspired you all to start?

A:More or less 10 years ago. Everything went because of our passion for videogames and many other geek things.For us is a passion and now our life. We decided to create a “planet” where all the cosplayers can found what are dreaming to wear.

Q: How do you all come together to create, as in do you all work on cosplays together ?

We are not only cosplayers… Our team includeds many collaborations with craftsmen and more. we are a team and our mission is to create the perfect place to find what a geek person could looking for. Each cosplay request could be different so we find the best way to use our skills together and not to create the item customer wants

4) What has been challenges you all have  faced with creating and how do you all overcome them ?

everyday is a challenge and every costume can be. That is because we don’t have pre-made cosplay to sell. Each order is made with specific measurements and materials and have to be good for a particular person. The recipe is ” do each costume as it was for you”. That is why every costume we made is done with our heart

5) How has creating cosplays affected your confidence?

creating cosplay let us know how many different techniques we can use. Working everyday is an help also to continue improving our skills in order to offer more everyday. This means That we have so many ideas we want to offer to our customers and we are just waiting for the right time to do it

6)what are you favorite kinds of cosplay-tv shows, anime,movie comics

we don’t really have a favorite one 🙂 maybe is strange but we love to stay tuned with all the anime and geek things like that. We also take a part of our heart for videogames!!!

6) What advice do you all have for Less experienced / New cosplayers ?

well…. If you want to have your dream cosplay/armor/prop…. Just ask to a friend as we are for the right help! We can let you have it and make your cosplay different as it is a “unique” and particular piece that Noone else can have.



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