Should there be a Blade 4 starring Wesley Snipes?

What about Blade? What about Wesley Snipes?

We all remember Iron Man coming out in 2008. We even remember the X-Men movies in which most eyes kicked off the golden age of super hero movies. How soon we forget about the man they called Blade and his movie back in 1998. While it and its accompanying sequels were more straight action films, Blade proved that comic books could make for good movies when treated seriously. It’s not much of a wonder then that Marvel Studios has apparently been meeting with Snipes about the future of the franchise.


How can Blade fit in the MCU?

After 20 films, the MCU has established a concrete story. Tony Stark started it all when he announced himself as Iron Man. His buddy Rhodes tagged along to watch his back as War Machine. Agent Coulson found a hammer out in the middle of a desert which led to Thor. Agents of SHIELD were able to fish a man out of time for the icy grave who turns out to be Captain America.

Many movies later we see Thanos snap his fingers and erase half of humanity.


Where does this leave Blade? At the end of Blade: Trinity Blade and Drac beat the heck out of each other which led to the cops finally reaching the building. The cops always show up late but anyway, Drac respects Blade’s fight and changes into Blade to throw off cops from him. He also says that the future of vampires rests with Blade. At this point, we don’t really know what happened to Blade. Did Blade hide in the shadows until he thought his kind was safe? Did he travel far to make vampire babies?


The MCU can bring Blade into a mentor role for the younger Avengers and the other heroes in the MCU. Wesley Snipes is up there but he can still kick ass. During his time away from the world, he could’ve been training a person who is ready to take his place. Maybe his son? Maybe Hannibal King’s son? After the Avengers take out Thanos in Avengers 4, Blade and his new allies can ride in to tell the Avengers of a new threat.


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