The New Air Force 1 Nike Edition

There is a latest Nike Air Force 1 sneaker that launched this past November 17, 2018 and is no stranger to being solely the type for self-expression. This time it expresses in print in privilege to the Dominican culture: “De Lo Mio,” which Dominicans use that phrase for, “Close Friend.”

The website Nike states that it’s new “Air Force 1 (AF1) was a collaborative design process that saw NYC native Cesar Perez share his inspirations and stories with Nike designers to create a thoughtful tribute to the people, culture and customs of the Dominican Republic.”

One of the representatives of the company Nike says that the new Air Force 1 Dominican Nike, averages about the same in price like the other sneakers available in the company. She also adds that, if someone is interested on finding out how many stars and reviews the new Nike edition has that, that information can be found online from consumers.

If you identify yourself with the Dominican culture and plan on buying this new Nike sneaker’s, the prices range from $190-$300. Visit for more information or visit and type in: “De Lo Mio” Nike.

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