106 & Park’s @MissMykie talks her new job and future music plans

106 & Park’s Miss Mykie recently hit up Georgia Ellyse’s Midday Show to talk about her new job as co-host and transitioning from being an artist to interviewing artists. The H-Town recording artist first gained notoriety on the underground music scene opening up for major acts prior to her journey to 106 & Park. She now shares the stage with co-hosts Bow Wow, Paigion and Shorty Da Prince.

Journey to Success

I was just getting impatient. I knew that I was talented. I knew what God had in store for me, but you know you have those times where you’re just ready for it to pop. But, you know I had great people around me and I realized that everything great comes with timing. Everybody has their own time. I just waited it out and stayed grinding and, you know, sure enough – destiny. It just happened. It’s crazy. I still can’t even believe it now… Honestly, I still have moments, ‘I’m like oh my God.’ I’m just living in it.

What it’s like having four hosts

Everybody was kinda skeptical at first, because it’s never been done in the history of 106 & Park before. It’s always been the standard two. But, we’re promoting hard. It’s a new day, a new 106 & Park. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the commercials and everything, but it’s fun. I honeslty think that it never gets boring this way because it’s four different, great, big bold personalities.

Behind-the-scenes drama?

We’re all not even on that. We’re just all on fun and making it best for the show and we’re all very, very close.  you can see that on camera. You can tell that we’re having fun and the audience is having fun.

Future music plans

I would prefer to just focus on being the best host that I could be right now….

…I was shocked that  was chosen, ‘cause i’m the only one that, besides Bow Wow, that’s coming from an artist standpoint. Paigion and Shorty, they came from radio, so they’re used to doing interviews and interviewing artists. I was an artist. So I’m used to getting interviewed, not giving the interview. I just really want to focus on that craft and that whole side of everything.

In my spare time, I still get in the studio and record when I can. And, I started up something called #MykieMondays on my Twitter [@MissMykie] where I’m reposting and re-releasing a lot of older music  for people that don’t know– there’s a lot of new fans who don’t know where I came from. I think that’s important to show them that.


Press play for the full interview, including keeping relationships private and what it’s like living in New York.

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