A Hundred AND Fifty!!!


I started posting articles on Sonic Eclectic in July, 2011; about eighteen months ago.  Since then I’ve posted about two sensational trials, the

process of independent movie making (Rockabilly Zombie Weekend) from inception to the movie premiere, theater productions, artist profiles, interviews, more music reviews than you can shake a stick at, as well as the occasional political/social rant.

This is my one hundred and fiftieth post. I should take a moment to express what Sonic Eclectic has been/meant to me.

I take a long view on writing. Much like training for a marathon, no one is going to be ready to compete in any serious manner by occasionally trotting around the block. This goes for anything in life.  So by regularly writing, submitting and hearing from people how wonderful/awful what I wrote was, it gave me somewhere to hone my craft.

So I need to thank Seven and all the regulars at Sonic Eclectic for allowing me to ply my dubious trade here. I don’t make a living at writing yet, but I do occasionally get paid, and do usually enjoy being able to say “I am a writer,” or, “I have a media pass.” I get a unique view of the world, and am happy to be able to share it with anyone willing to spend some time reading it.

Hopefully there’s another one hundred and fifty more to come.

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