A Walk in My Pause Shows Lone Wolf’s Musical Growth

Lone Wolf OMB

A Walk in My Pause

CrackerSwampProductions, 2012

With Lone Wolf’s second full length CD release, “A Walk in My Pause,” he displays a growth not only in his musicianship, but in his songwriting as well. The eponymous first CD focused on breakneck banjo picking and upbeat numbers, while “A Walk In My Pause,” has a greater range of musical styles, allowing Lone Wolf to fill his palate and paint with more colors.

Performing banjo, harmonica, vocals and percussion at the same time, Lone Wolf OMB (One Man Band) has the best sand paper rasp of a voice this side of Tom Waits. He buries his voice in the mix, low and rumbling, an unmistakable vocal style between the affable mumble of Mark Knopfler and Charlie Patton’s sugary croak. With songs about Hurricane Andrew, “The Storm of ’92,” and “Canned Catfish Blues,” sounds and feels like an authentic bit of roadside cracker culture.

Opening with “On the Road I Go,” the song is an aggressive upbeat stomp, that’s driven and hard to ignore. “Bored” is country-blues where we get to hear the banjo step forward from the rhythm, playing some tasty leads. “Carny Honky Tonk” is a breakneck car chase of a song. “Lost Love” is the sort of dark, twisted waltz Tim Burton would love to use in his next cinematic endeavor. While “Stuck in a Slump,” is a relaxed and sweetly understated and undemanding song that unfolds and reveals itself at a leisurely pace.  It’s the sleeper track of the disc, the one you’ll be craving to hear again immediately.

LW is shrewd enough to pace these songs, alternating fast and slow numbers so the listener can properly digest them.  And live, LWOMB cuts a striking figure on stage. Seated behind a solitary bass drum, it appears to be a deceptively simple one man band. But playing the banjo in a percussive manner, he holds shakers in his picking hand, building up a dense layer of rhythm, providing for a more full and rich sound. He thumps his thumb against the banjo’s body, the way flamenco guitarists will add percussive licks to a song. All of this while doing some mighty nimble, quick fingered clawhammer picking; Lone Wolf OMB is true to his unique artistic vision and offers a very personal taste, sound and vision of theSunshineStatenot normally available on the nickel tour. You’ll be richer for having listened to all he has to say.



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