Album Review: Paul Maged ‘Diamonds and Demons’

maged1-580x331Following the protest through music tradition, Bostonian Paul Maged has crafted, an angry fist pumping alternative/rock album. He questions the World and humanity with his music and lyrics, this indie rock/punk guy has put focused effort, into sophomore album ‘Diamonds and Demons’. D&D is something of a treatise on the indifference, and denial of reality the World seems to exhibit.

He has turned hard work into success, and his songs have been licensed for film and television,which is not easily accomplished. One such song is ‘Look At Me’, licensed in the United Kingdom for television, a song about the me, me, me feelings that corrupt society.  ‘Diamonds and Demons’ is more cohesive than his previous effort,which he doesn’t speak of often. Like many artists Maged is not wholly satisfied with his creation, but he does favor two songs on D&D, 64th&1st with it’s clear vocals and piano accompaniment, and title track ‘Diamonds & Demons’.

Songs on D&D that demand your attention are the emo ‘Love&Loss In The Western World’, from beginning to end, making good use of drums and guitar to produce it’s desired deep thought effect. Also ‘Images’ the albums nexus (Maged was on vacation, when the impetus for it came to him, and spawned the album) and the stirring ‘Cause and Effect’.

Listen and discover the message and embrace the voice of purpose.

Listen here:

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