Alessandra Assante Paves Her Own Way

In today’s Entertainment industry, many young acts find their way through their parents’ connections. Yet there are those who decide to earn their wings by their own merits. One such individual is Alesandra Assante. Her father, the A-list actor/humanitarian Armand Assante, was always a strong inspiration for Alesandra. While her father may be able to pull strings in the industry, Alesandra has always maintained that one must develop a greatness all their own to succeed.

Recently delving into the music industry, Assante pens her own lyrics and performs at various venues like Don Hills in Manhattan. Her first love for music was inspired by a wide range of female vocals from the likes of Judy Garland all the way to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Alesandra eventually progressed to being drawn to jazz, blues, and R&B.

“I have always been drawn to the works of Tracy Chapman, Ella Fitzgerald, Patti Smith, and No Doubt,” the young singer claims. “The first album I bought was ‘Tragic Kingdom’. Yet the energy of rock performances always appealed to me such as acts like Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane.”

One of her most memorable performances was at the “Knitting Factory” where she used to go to and see underground bands. Here, she performed on the same stage as her idols did years ago. Alesandra’s music is a cross between rock ballads injected with some blues. When she was young she used to lay under her covers with the headphones on and listen to Nirvana and the Distillers dreaming to share the stage with them one day. Currently she is restructuring her band for a newer vibe.

“Being my father’s daughter has in no way opened any doors on its own,” says Alesandra. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as him picking up the phone and getting me a job. Some ‘celebrity kids’ may very well have that privilege, but every job opportunity I’ve had was created on my own, so I feel like I deserve the work I get.”

Besides being involved in music, Alesandra is also pursuing a film career. When it comes to acting, she admits it is not as demanding as singing in front of an audience where you have to offer your soul to access your fans. Recently back from LA, Alesandra was involved with a film entitled, “Dangerously Close” (which is also Montana Mann’s directorial debut).

“I plan to keep myself busy,” she states. “I can get a little crazy if I’m not working! I want to make a living doing what I love. So a lot of hard work so I can succeed at what I love best.”

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