Amelia Scalies- Music Review

Amelia-Scalies-580x552Earnest rock and teenage angst go together like peanut butter and jelly or cheese and crackers. Another album/diary /slam book filled with typical teen issues and and unoriginal rock riffs and guitar strumming for the new alt music chic du jour Amelia Scalies……last name pronounced (skah-lease).

Philadelphia’s fourteen year-old Amelia Scalies’ debut album “I Should’ve Known” dropped July 8th 2013, without much of a sound outside of her local area, but you gotta start somewhere.

This Philly singer/song writer is filling her niche and hitting her stride playing Strawberry Festivals and winning Battle of the Bands awards…..but I don’t think she is exactly running on the same path as Lorde, Brandi Carlisle or even Selena Gomez as some have compare her too.

Amelia Scalies has musical ability but I didn’t hear anything striking or particularly interesting going on here with the eleven original songs, anthem or two, and a My Chemical Romance cover.

The stand out songs to be fair…..are Macey Brown (Green-Eyed Girl) and the stand up to bullying anthem“Don’t Let Them Win”….. I love a good anthem!

It’s a good start on a road to fulfilling this young singer/songwriter’s golden dreams of success.

Listen and judge for yourself!

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