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The story of Hollywood is one of smoke and mirrors. Like the shadows on a wall, the keys to success in the City of Angels means appearing larger than you are. To give the illusion that you beam of success and that every word coming from your mouth is rich with confidence and wrapped in pure gold…or at the very least a glossy platinum. So how does a shy and quiet boy from Orange County become a notable club promoter in LA’s infamous nightlife scene? Progress is not made by the might of armies, but rather the intellect of man.

Adam Buzzini knew that in order to make it in LA he had to appeal to his market. And appeal he did. Transforming is quiet image and soft spoken personality, Adam has become the living image of Hollywoodcool.  What appears as a wild man with a niche in style and a flare for the art of partying, is actually a man with calculated discretion. With his calculated clothes, moderated drinking, ever changing hair styles and ability to draw in hordes of beautiful women, Adam has made a name for himself in LA culture. One that can easily be dropped at the door of any club on the scene.

His ambitions don’t stop there, he has transformed into not only a promoter to some of LA’s largest clubs, but also a musician with a promising career. Working closely with famous singer Casey Sabol of metal bandPeriphery acclaim, Adam embarks on the pursuit of his musical career, combining the fundamentals of metal with the energy of Pop.  Like the adaptability of his style, Adam understands that in order to be successful his music must be ever-evolving. The goal is to combine the accessibility of the pop genre with the musical depth of metal, which is often as daunting a task as trying to make oil and water merge.

Somewhere between Katy Perry and Nickleback Buzzini’s music can be found. His first run in the music industry was generated primarily because of his image. Without musical ability Buzzini was sought to be a front man for the band Death Loves Desire. Buzzini ended up contributing musically by co-writing many of the songs with the bands lead guitarist, during their two year European tour. His goal in his current projects are to make “soundtracks to life” his own and others. His focus is on living in the now, chasing his dreams and finding the balance between what he wants to do and what he must.  His music is now the outlet for the sensitive and sentimental side that gets hidden in his everyday life, often featuring romantically natured songs.  While for now getting by on his promoting career and his music is enough, Adam hopes to combine both strengths at his own nightclub. Sometimes the message can create an image, and other times it is the image that gives passage for the message to be heard. See what you think for yourself, and check out Adam’s music at:

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