Apple Music Coming to Android?

og-150x150Apple music is a “new” service that Apple is currently pending in being released to the appstore. I say “new” because a service called iTunes radio, which sounds like the exact same thing as Apple music, was released in a free software update back in iOS7. For $9.99 a month, you can get Apple generated radio stations based on the genres that you choose. Hmm… sound familiar? (Pandora, Google Play Music, Spotify Radio, ect.) Or doesn’t it? What is Apple music? Many others are wondering what it even is! Business Insider called this, “One of the sloppiest debuts for any new product or service from the company.”  Also, Engadget said it “feels like a mish-mosh of disparate elements the company thinks we might want.”

Apparently, Apple doesn’t seem to think that this rehashed idea will do well. That is is probably why at WWDC this year in California, Apple unveiled a “new era” in Apple Music (*Cue Drumroll): Apple Music on Apple T.V. and Android. Yes, you read that correctly; Android. This will be the first app to be created by Apple for Android. Online, the rivalry is becoming intense on the boards and Reddit. This collaboration of the two OS’ is creating a war. That being said, Apple accomplished their task: create hype for Apple Music. After it was announced that Apple will be creating this app, people are already thinking of giving it a chance because of all the fuss online.

Do you guys think that this is just another business tactic or do you think that it will be beneficial for yet another music streaming service to be created for Android? Leave a comment down below with your response!

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