Barren Womb and Remote Release Split

Barren Womb/Remote

Split 8”

The Perfect Hoax, 2013

This 3 song split release from Norwegian noise punk duo Barren Womb and French doomgrinders Remote. Barren Womb are manic, frenzied and can barely contain themselves in the over the top “Visual AIDS.” There’s a great propulsive riff that drives the whole thing, and drummer, Timo Silvola, kills it double time behind the skins, with explosive fills reminiscent of Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward.

“Deal or no Krokodil” is my new favorite song title. For one it took me a moment to get the title, and secondly, it tears and fights like a dog breaking free of its too tight leash. Distressed and demented, the song is over before you know it, having raised your heart rate and leaving you wanting more.

Remote serve up one dense slab of noise on their side of the disc with “Plagues and Rats.” The jagged guitar cuts through silence the way one might have to work through bone with a saw that’s seen better days. It’s coarse, pulverizing, and unforgiving. The widely different styles of the bands contrast nicely against one another.

The split will be released both digitally and on 8″ vinyl, strictly limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, so get the record while you can.

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