Big Boi Talks New Video Game Role & Theme Song with B.o.B + Upcoming Tour

Hip-hop megastar Big Boi has been making big moves in the music industry since he first came on the hip -hop scene and now he’s turning his attention to video games. Though he’s been featured in a game before, it doesn’t measure to his latest work in “Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel.”

In a recent interview with radio personality Georgia Ellyse, Big Boi talked about his new theme song, “Double or Nothing” with B.o.B. for  the game and what it’s like to actually be featured as a character in the game. He also talked about his new single and plans for his upcoming tour in April with Killer Mike.

The collaboration with B.o.B
They wanted us to do the actual theme to the game. We worked on the song and then they said we can actually be in the game the song jammed so hard. So, we did the whole motion caption thing. My character is “Chuy”, [B.o.B’s] character is “Baker”. It’s a lot of exposure, it’s a lot of fun and the song is jamming like hell, too. If you pre-order the game you get to play as me and B.o.B.

Why the gaming industry?
They [Electronic Arts] keep calling me and it’s a blessing to be able to put out quality music. I have a relationship with the people from EA and whenever they need something, they know I’m the hitman to go to. I will give them something funky, different and refreshing. I deliver. My first video game experience was actually on the “Def Jam: Icon” game, but it wasn’t to the extent to where I had a speaking role inside the game. We are acting in actual scenes in [this] game too, so we’re all throughout the video game.

What was the process like of becoming a character?
First of all, you have to put on a Jamaican bobsledder catsuit, [in] which your testicles are to the side all day long! You have to [shoot] for like seven hours and they put these sensors all over you, including your face. You have hundreds of cameras around, like a 360° angle and you just kind of act out the scenes. It was really cool.

What can gamers expect?
A lot of explosions and a lot of action. The game looks so real, it actually looks like a movie. Actually, in the music video for “Double or Nothing”, the scene switches from our live-action characters in the game to real life —  so it’s our video game characters as well in this video.

What’s next?
Well, I just dropped an album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Right now, I just dropped a new single, “Apple of My Eye.” I’ve been having fun in “The A” with T.I. and Ludacris. Getting ready to go on tour April 19th for the “Shoes for Running” world tour. I’m doing like 50 dates here and then another 40 or 50 overseas, so I mean I’m kind of booke until September-August. And you know, just recording, just having fun…enjoying life.

“Army of TWO Devil’s Cartel” drops March 26. Press play to watch the video below »

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