Blonde Gang En Route

Some people are satisfied with a mundane way of life. Working their six-to-nine jobs taking the same daily route—going through life living under common standards. Then there are those whose only daily ritual is being creative and unconventional.

The other night, I took up the opportunity to see Blonde Gang perform live in the DJ Damage Artist Showcase at the Arts Garage in Philadelphia. What did I expect from it?—unhinged madness, to say the least. And I got just that.

After initially knowing them for their bright pink, green and multicolored hair, I wouldn’t have expected anything less. As the performance began, I was instantly captivated by their energy—jumping, screaming, freely dancing like rock stars with the Hanger Band backing them. They weren’t afraid to show out and be themselves, which commendably is the entire motive behind their movement.

The best way to describe Blonde Gang is as an innovated, forward movement. The music that they produce is hard to fit into any genre; some would relate it to a mixture of alternative rock and hip-hop. I call it freedom of expression, a concept that goes along with everything else that the movement is about.

Originated in a city where music, style and the idea of what’s “cool” are somewhat standard, the out-of-the-norm Blonde Gang lifestyle has faced much criticism since it began. Regardless of the fact, the members have embraced the criticism and built an entire brand from it, never straying from their beliefs.

Even their methods of producing and recording are uncommon. Within Bonde Gang, you’ll find 787—consisting of Lyve and Kiddsweeny. Then you have solo artists Bok Nero, Plane Walker, and Shy Socialmisfit. This lone fact would lead many to believe that there is disunion within the group, but there isn’t. Blonde Gang released their Blonde Gang Mix-Tape earlier this year that features song collaborations within the group, which they perform together. The mix-tape unifies the sounds of the artists, giving fans an even deeper understanding of the many different personalities involved.

The movement doesn’t only consist of rappers and producers, Blonde Gang harbors photographers, makeup artists, hair stylist, graphic designers and a fan base who all play their part in uniquely branding the epidemic. They are advocates for self-expression and creativity, which they promote through their Facebook group. Just by scrolling through the feeds of the Blonde Gang page, you’ll find artful expression in the forms of poetry, music, photography and innovative thought.

This movement is truly an inspiration to those who find themselves un-categorized as well as those who strive to be different.

Though they have only just begun to trail blaze their movement, their mission is already known across the country and internationally, and they claim they aren’t done yet. Unique is who they are and determination is what they stand by. Keep an eye out for Blonde Gang, they’re making big moves.

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