Breathing Light ,Breathing Deep In The South

breathing-light1Somewhere in Huntsville, Alabama a band is breathing lightly in the depth’s of  the South’s soul. One  unbeknownst to the  music world outside of  his or her familiarity of  South’s blues and country , Breathing Light is rocking deep to  their own  romantic sounds. Check out what this band had to say about their music and what inpires them

Lunakiss: Your band name is awesome where did you come up with the name and why?

Breathing Light: It’s the name of a wonderful song by Nitin Sawhney.

Lunakiss: Who are your bandmates and what instruments do they play?

Breathing Light: Willie on drums, Geoff on Bass, and Me(Kyle) on Guitar/Vocals









LK:What brought you all together? How long have you being play together as a band?

BL: We all attend Alabama A&M University…When it started, people always gravitated around our practices with earlier incarnations. Eventually, Willie and Geoff were the ones to really identify with it and picked up the sound.

LK: What kind of crowd do you attract at your shows (age,race,etc)?

BL: It’s an interesting mixture, we have a little bit of everything… young black people, everyday people..artists( visual an musical), rockers(All Kinds), Hipsters even Pagans an Wiccans. People’s ages usually range around 18-50.

LK: The South is always forgotten when it comes to musicians who play outside of the country and blues realm. Describe what it’s like to fall outside of those music circles down south.

BL: Well…our music scene is really strange down here. There’s a huge mixture of everything, especially blues influenced punk/garage bands(Satan’s Youth Ministers, Trampskirts) horrorpunk (Cancerslug)…etc– its endless. We’re just weird though some people like us and others don’t.

LK: Have you toured with any bands outside of Huntsville, AL? If so,where and what was it like?

BL: We haven’t toured with anybody yet, but we’re working on that as we speak.

LK: How do you describe your music style?

BL: Romantic Punk

LK: I have listened to your music and it  sounds a little bit like Coldplay and Rufus Wainwright vocally, but stylistically eclectic between some punk,  heavy rock and  dark mellow tunes . What bands influence your music style, and who do you admire vocally?

BL: Musically, we’re influenced by bands like, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, F-Minus, Rudimentary Peni, Xmal Deutschland and random soul and blues artists. Vocally, no one in particular except Sade once.

LK: Where can people buy your album or hear you play?

BL: We’re not charging for it right now. We’re on cold chill mode.

LK: Which song means then most to you on the album and why?

BL: “Me and Grandpa.”  Most of our society is so concentrated on youth and youthfulness that no one really gives any respect to elders or aspects of elderly life. “Me and Grandpa” is description of eerie personal interactions I’ve had my grandparents.

Breathing Light’sMe and Grandpa

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