Britney Spears’ Comeback

Britney-Spears-Britney-JeanMany say that Britney Spears’ eighth studio album Britney Jean is a poor attempt at ‘coming back’ from what we know of her very turbulent career due to her equally turbulent personal life. Ms. Spears may not be a great talent judge (i.e. her poor job on X-Factor) but she is great at being the Pop Princess that she is. Pop/dance music is what she majors in and she will definitely deliver. With a 4.5 rating rate on iTunes and over 56 million views on her Work B*tch video on Youtube, Spears proves with this album that she can make hits. From the opening bop-of-the-head , Alien, to the personal number of Don’t Cry, Britney Jean is a well balanced album that delivers dance hit after dance hit. Her voice bleeds nicely into the produced tracks of Dr. Luke,, William Orbit, and Keith Harris to name a few. My favorite song is Perfume, a track she co-wrote and that reminded me of Miley Cyrus. As a matter of fact, this whole album reminded me of Cyrus. I believe this album is perhaps what Cyrus was aiming for inBangerz. But Britney Spears steals the show because she knows how to mix sexy in pop while managing to sound innocent. Only over half and hour long, Britney Jean is definitely an album with promising chart toppers.

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