Butcher Knives: A True Story

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what a band that calls themselves Butcher Knivessounds like.   I had no idea that I would be hooked to their music after the first listen.   After meeting with them and hearing the story behind the all-out rockstars, I totally understand their aesthetic, and yes, the name too.   The band is inspired by French Fusion bands of the 80’s and Indie/rock musicians such as The Clash, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Iggy Pop. Though it took a while for the band to form and cement a line up, it was surely worth the wait.   The band is composed of seven members from all reaches of the world, Israel, Morraco, and New York City, and languages like Spanish, French, and Arabic, just to name a few. It had to take a city like New York to create such an original and intricate bunch.

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to catch up with the band after a rehearsal at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants. I could imagine the appetite they build after a long night’s rehearsal. There I learned more about the band’s origins and off stage life.   The band’s name is inspired by true stories of the Columbian Civil War.   During invasions, civilian’s only protection were machetes and butcher knives.   Hence, the sharp, rugged sound of the band’s music.   I asked the members what made them great, and they agreed that their sexiness and their unique style were indeed responsible for their greatness.  Butcher Knives also dubbed themselves as a “do it yourself”.   They write, compose, and mix their own music.   Additionally, direct and create their own videos and graphics.

Currently the band has been performing at different venues in the New York City Area.   They’ve just finished recording the music video for their single “Tell Me Why” from their debut album Misery, which is set to be released in early 2014.   The music video is themed after the 1970’s gangster movies like “Dirty Harry” and “American Me”.   Butcher Knives are set to perform on November 9th at the Bowery Electric.   If you need an eclectic healing and want to rock out to some great music from outstanding musicians, check into Butcher Knives.

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