Buzzin: Chris Brown – Fine China(Video)


It’s been quite an interesting couple of years for VA native and triple threat Chris Brown, but one thing you cannot argue is his ability to stay relevant. Slowly but surely Chris has gone from most hated, to creeping back into the spotlight with ‘Deuces’ to having a Grammy Winning R and B album a year later with ‘Fame’, and now one could say Breezy is as close as he’s ever been  to ‘redemption’ from his 2009 domestic abuse fiasco. Although musically he doesn’t seem to have lost a step since the incident, it does seem like trouble is immensely difficult to evade now a days. From fights with other industry people, to paparazzi personalities, music maybe the one place where he seems to hold on to whats left of his ‘boyish charm’, as the ladies would call it.

As he preps his new album ‘X’, he ‘s taking a bit of a different approach. X being the roman numeral to the number 10, Mr. Brown has been on record saying that he plans on shooting 10 videos for this album in cinematic form. The first offering from X is the from the song ‘Fine China’ which stretches to 6 minutes long and has a whole lot going on outside of the song. The first thing you notice is that Chris is paying homage to the King of Pop, from the song to the video. The the visual is very similar to the smash hit-turned-video-game ‘Smooth Criminal’, as we see him ducking and fighting bad guys while trying to protect his love. The choreography throughout the video is top notch and something that couldn’t be imitated if tried by 97% of today’s musical community.

It’s no doubt that it seem Chris has gotten his mojo back and which undeniable records and videos like this, his road to redemption, to those who still doubt might be a little easier. I would also encourage people to look at his Michael Jackson emulation as flattery more so than imitation. Now, this video does end with a cliff hanger, and let’s not hope he doesn’t leave the stories untold, like most of the music videos from the 90s(s0 many ‘To Be Continued..’ that were never continued).


RIP the King of Pop, watch the prince do his work Here.

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