Buzzin: Foreign Exchange – So What If It Is

foreign-exchange-nic-phonte-thumb-473xauto-66961-473x250The Grammy nominated group, consisting of former Little Brother member Phonte and an old time friend/collaborator from overseas Nicolay are returning in 2013 with a brand new sound. If you do not know the story, the two met over the internet while Phonte was with the alternative hip hop trio Little Brother, and even released an album before  meeting face to face. Since then, they have built quite a discography and have worked to build and grow their own brand a label. The fusion of house, Soul, R&B, House, and maybe a little vogue(?) comes as no surprise to long time Foreign Exchange fans, and is just what the winter calls for. This new groove is sure to get those with old souls on the dance floor as well as the fedoras out the closet. ‘So What If It Is’ is the first release of the groups new remix compilation called +FE Music: The Reworks which has confirmed to be a double disc. Introducing the song is 2 minutes of instrumentation and harmony, but not to be worried, this experience is a little over 8 minutes long. I say ‘experience’ because that’s what I see it as. There’s so many layers and different music patterns to this record, it’s easy to miss it’s brilliance once you get caught up in the groove. Not quite Euro Pop, not quite techo, not quite any ‘genre’, this consumes and polishes it’s own lane of music that many aren’t doing at the moment, which makes the tune so refreshing. As I said earlier, you might be able to strike a vogue to this, a manly vogue, of course. Did I mention they sprinkled a couple of positive, uplifting message in this jam? Party poopers need not apply.

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