Buzzin: Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay-Z – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe(Remix)

kenrick-lamar1Earlier this month Yahoo announced that Jay-Z and Kendrick would headline the ‘On The Road’ tour, and it looks like that wouldn’t be the only time the two hip hop stars made headlines together in March. Around a week ago, Young Guru(Jay-Z’s long time friend and engineer) took to the big time music festival ‘South By Southwest’ to premier a snippet of a previously unknown remix of Kendrick’s standout track on GKMC ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill Me Vibe’. The internet immediately went crazy, and luckily for us, we wouldn’t have to wait too long for the full version. Kendrick Lamar says that the process wasn’t difficult at all to get Hov on the record, and actually it was a mutual business associate that hooked the whole thing up. The Compton Native said that Hov just sent his verse then he added his new verses to it, but it took him(Kendrick) a whole day to do the verses. Who could blame him? I mean, it’s not everyday and everyone that gets a verse from arguably the greatest rapper of all time.

Everyone will be extremely happy that Kendrick did do 2 new verses as oppose to just having Jay on their and being lazy with it. Hov delivers a slick, witty verse that people might not get on first listen, as usual. ‘In my memory bank(Banks) – in a million dollars in it, a baby, Hilary Swank’… see that covers two Hilary metaphores at one time… anyways, just enjoy the greatness that is, a rare Hov verse.

Now, though I love Jay’s verse it’s quite clear that the real star here is Kendrick. He waste notime getting his second verse in right after Hov concludes his, and people have already been asking ‘did Jay get “Renegaded” again? Well, as for me, I think they are two different rappers with two totally different styles, so to compare them might not be fair. That being said, this is a special moment in hip hop as The Greatest of All Time embraces a potential torch barrier.

Enough of me, click here to listen.

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