Buzzin: Ray J – I Hit It First(Music Video)

Well well well, for those who haven’t been in the loop lately: Ray released the first single off of his new album a couple of weeks ago. Seems pretty normal until you realize the name of the song is ‘I Hit It First’ and the artwork is a blurred out picture of his X girlfriend and socialite superstar Kim Kardashian. If that isn’t bad enough he even subtly speaks about her relationship with current boyfriend, Kanye West in the record.

‘Had her ass going north, and her ass going south, but now baby chose to go West.’

It’s been a couple of weeks since the release of the song, and we finally get the visual. As you’ll see, the controversy will continue once the public gets a load of this. Between shots of him watching ‘E!’ and a Kim K look a like, I’m sure everyone will be talking about  this record for months to come.

Lets not make no mistake, this is all marketing, and it’s working… but in the mean time, enjoy the video. If nothing else it’s a good laugh.20130405-HITITFIRST1-300x432

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