Buzzin: Starnes&Shah – 24 Million

7542298874_4de0086983_zwith Starnes&Shah, they are a folk duo who produces and writes their own records. Their new single is off of their forthcoming album ‘Shilling for Dreamtown’.

Now according to the statement released with their single, it’s pretty clear that the direction of this song was all positive, and upon listening you can definitely tell that goal was achieved. Both verses started off speaking about facing your current ills, embracing them and knowing that better times are ahead.

‘Has it been years since we spoke?A silent punchline of a cruel joke, that I see a light at the end…..

If I had half of a mind, I’d a apologize, but damn the pride.. you know?‘ –  ’24 million’ 

The BAM, the hook rings in… ‘SLOWLY, IT DON’T OWN ME

Very intricate song writing, and something I’ve come to appreciate being a writer myself. Transitions, beginning, middles, and endings of strategically placed lyrics. Well played.

Another thing that’s pretty clear is the live instrumentation on the track. From the guitar to the drums, it’s easy to tell the difference between artificial instrumentation and authentic.  30 seconds into the track you actually get the feeling like you’re in concert with the band as oppose to in your headphones. The chant at the very end of the record enhances that feeling.

I mean, I can’t say this record is for everyone. If you catch yourself wondering off, you’d definitely wake up towards the bridge and just hear ‘strips, and stripes, and golden white, and pink’ and you might think you we’re stuck in some Disney movie matrix and cut if off instantly. If friendly Pop Rock isn’t your thing, this might not be up your lane either.

Which brings me to another point about this record, it would be GREAT, and I mean GREAT, for licencing. I would not be surprised if I heard this record on a TV ad, show, intro or outro to a radio show, ect. Some records just have that feel, and it comes organically.

Enough what I think, what do you think of  ’24 million’ ???

You can brush up on some of the duo’s music on their SoundCloud.  We hope to see more of them in the future, and make sure you check for all future updates on the talented duo.

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