Chris Brown Goes To Jail For A Minute

Chris-Brown-at-Grammys-2013-580x326Hmmmm…sneaking into jail, Who does that ? Chris Brown that’s who. Chris shamed himself and pussyfooted his way into the waiting arms of the lawdogs Monday afternoon, a day early. Why? to avoid the media and public shaming.

TMZ and GossipCop are both reporting Chris Brown turning himself over due to the alleged hit-and-run case he is involved in. Embattled Chris was booked and processed, then released on his own recognizance without having to post bail. TMZ is reporting the entire process took 45 minutes. All this ratchetness happened at the Van Nuys jail in California right after 50 cent showed for his own court date. Chris’ lawyer Mark Geragos arranged this sneaky timing so the papps crawling all over the courthouse were busy following 50 cent around and missed Chris. Sneaky, Sneaky!

Chris’ lawyer has his hands full with the revoking of Chris’ probation last month for the alleged hit and run and its aftermath. There was the funny business of , he said she said, regarding the exchange of  insurance information and driver’s license afterward. The other driver claims Chris was a douchebag about giving up the correct info. There’s an upcoming probation violation hearing this month too, so Mark Geragos is going to be earning his cash keeping Chris a free bird this summer.


Chris Brown Goes To Jail For A Minute

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