Chuckie Campbell:More Die of Heartbreak- Music Review

New music with some old school artists along for an assist…..that’s what Buffalo, NY’s Chuckie Campbellhas got in the cut.

Chuckie’s flava is hip hop…not Jay-Z’s flava, more in the vein of Nas, The Roots or even Macklemore (don’t hate, even his success is a good thing for the hip hop community.) this flava is a bit more on the experimental side of things.

The More Die of Heartbreak (ft. members of Wu Tang Clan) album….the title borrowed from a Nobel prize piece of work.The CD/digital album is produced, recorded,and mixed at True Blue Recordings by Willie  Breeding in Nashville, Tennessee and written by Chuckie Campbell with an exception or two, though Campbell has his piece of the production pie…his own company Sunsets and Silencers . What’s evident of the album is Chuckie Campbell’s gift for poetic lyricism ,” intricate wordplay” , writing short stories, beats and music. Fans and followers, wait for the gift to them, that is….. More Die of Heartbreak……the album featuring well established hit makers and newbie musicians with their own lyrical flair to mix and meld into this newest masterpiece.

The material pulls from a violent physical assault that left indelible injuries, and emotional scars from the suicide of a close friend.

More Die of Heartbreak drops 12/21/2013

Not really my taste but certainly worth a listen…..Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself…..

Chuckie Campbell:More Die of Heartbreak- Music Review!

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