Damon Dash Has Money Trouble

dame-dash-resurrects-roc-a-fellaFinancial ruin is a dark cloud to dwell under and if you’re the one that brought it down on yourself (living beyond your means), well you can’t take any of your choices back.

The New York Daily News is reporting  interesting news about music mogul Damon Dash and his financial status…….he  owes a lot of money and filed papers in court to plead his case last week Tuesday.  This has been going on for awhile now….Dash has lost two NYC lofts to foreclosure, a car repo’d, $2 million in NY state taxes and has not paid the rent on his home in Carmel, NY.

Mr. Dash pays a good deal in child and spousal support  in addition; he owes roughly $ 40,000 in taxes on his business.

Sounds like Damon Dash needs a consult with Suze Orman and a wish granting genie.

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