Dear Music: Marco With Love

New York based band, Marco with Love tore the house down at Arlene’s Grocery this past Wednesday.


Marco Argiro is a unique and phenomenal star on stage and even more mystical with his band Love rocks out with him. Marco Argiro is no stranger to the scene in his past history with Le Mood, the Killing Floor and performing with Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg tour. Aside from their mutual affinity and devilishly good hair, this band of boys truly share a great bromance. Their sounds are reminiscent of the 60s and 70s infused with psychedelic rock with a central theme around love. These boys come from punk rock backgrounds and their style reflects a suave, rockabilly greaser with a hint of grunge.DSC_036e2-copy-580x384


Unique in sound, the band has a powerhouse drummer, pedal steel player, an ethnic bass player(who mentions that he’s heavily into bluegrass) and a heavenly melodic lead singer. They are set to release their new album Love on September 24th. A West Coast release party is scheduled at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on September 19th. Marco with Love is pure, raw and in their words “intrinsically common to what people should care about.” When asked where they see themselves in a few years, the response was, “Hopefully to Mars, because no band has ever played on Mars and the acoustics must sound great up there.”




Be sure to hear Marco Argiro and his band here:

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