Down the Rabbit Hole: Losing Control with ChaseJordan

What is an artist? Iconic images of artists include; one eared individualists tortured by their own genius often struggling to make ends meet. In the romantic stories of the artist these geniuses rise or fall, unaware of anything but their love of art. This is not that story, but does it have to be that story to be included in the art world? That question was continuously mulled over in my mind while interviewing this years Wango Tango Kiss FM contest winners, an electro club rock band called Chase Jordan.

I walked in to their house to find 5 impeccably dressed guys, just out of their photo shoot from their own house included photography studio downstairs from their recording studio. Very cordial and polite, they showed me nothing less than what would be expected from the roots of their southern hospitality. Front runner and singer, Chase Stockman was born in Tennessee, and the twin brothers Chase Kuker and Jordan Kuker grew up in Texas.
Despite their recent arrival in LA four years prior, they looked nothing if not Hollywood.

“If we had money, we’d spend most of it on clothes” claimed the band, who looks to form a fashion line of their own one day.

Their ambition was eminent and they have the results to show. In under a year this band has grouped together using their background in marketing, various connections, and business smarts to rise quickly in Hollywood’s music and movie industry. Having only been on stage three times prior, and with two rehearsals, this band received this year’s breakout band of the year award and a lengthy $10,000 check. Very much aware of their marketability, they seek sponsorship whilst they continue to creating music, on top of producing their own music videos as well. Singer Chase Stockman had a very modern take on the song writing process when he said,

“We think of the concept for the music video first, before we ever write the song.”

Their background as actors hails as inspiration from success stories like -actor gone singer- Jared Leto has certainly helped them with this ability. Chase Kuker and Jordan Kuker, twin brothers, have just recently landed roles in this years Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill. With a knowledge and cinematic appreciation of the entertainment industry all three members, two Chases and a Jordan, seek to possess full creative control of their projects, refusing to be managed until it can be on their own terms, and until their market value is increased.

“You can’t be a lazy artist anymore. It’s all about self promotion, you have to pitch yourself and its better to do it yourself than rely on others to do it for you”, said Chase Kuker.

Heavy self-promotion appear to be something they are very much capable of doing, with their hit “Lose Control” being backed by production company Laminated Pictures and featured Celebrity Lucy Hale, also seen in Pretty Little Liars. Inspired by the film The Matrix,
the message of “Lose Control” is to make the mental decision to break away from illusion and seek truth, something I think all artists can agree on.  Their video features Hale drinking a
mysterious drink and is transported to a wild club scene. Chase Stockman states,

“It’s not about taking a substance; it’s about drinking the music to allow people to be who they really are.”

Though admittedly they made this song for the money, they plan to use their status to work into the more organic side of the electro club rock scene and emphasized how important it is for them to maintain credibility as musicians, and not boy band front runners.

“We played a show where they took away our instruments and just made us sing, something just didn’t feel right about that,” said Chase Kuker.

Their determination to maintain what they are about as a whole is what they believe will keep them from falling into a “one hit wonder” category. If there is a formula to Hollywood success, ChaseJordan has certainly found it. Good looking, hard working, and extremely driven, they seem nothing short of the next big thing.

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