EOW Now with Roots in East Africa

END OF THE WEAK can simply be defined as Beginning Of The Strong. It is a competition that gathers the ‘Best of the Best[ MCee’z and puts their skills to a test. It established itself as an undeniable force on the Hip Hop music scene in New York City, where it was started 10 yrs ago, and has reached international borders including events in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Chezc Republic, and Ugandabeing the only country in Africa.

EOW came to Uganda  in 2008. Directed by Amy Hume, the founder, after she had been introduced to Ugandas Hip Hop industry by Silas Balabyekkubo. Emcee Burney became the first champion of E.O.W at the time.

The massive participation and results from the EOW challenge displayed that Uganda had embraced the first of its kind Emcee challenge and EOW had made another home in East Africa.

In 2009 Amy Hume came back to Uganda To run  End Of the Week Season two. Emcee Burney became part of the Organizing Committee;  We need to diversify to all regions in Uganda. we prepared for the EOW Season three champion,Competition first run through the Northern region where different Winning Emcees were selected from Kitgum, Lira, Gulu.

Emcee Rock represented the Northern region as other Emcees like Mac from Eastern Region , Emcee KY from Western Region and Emcee Cyno from the Central region.cyno-224x300

The 2010 Emcee Cyno became The First EOW Uganda Champion. He represented Africa At The world finals In Berlin, Germany.

Emcee Cyno battled out the EOW World Championship with other Emcees from various places.

The competition included well known African artists such as T. WU TANG CLAN, BOOT CAMP CLICK, NAS AND DAMAIN MARLEY, RAH DIGGA, and MR VEGAS among others.

END OF THE WEAK MC CHALLENGE UGANDA SEASON 2 began with a very different vibe. When we called for the 1st try out auditions which is open to every Mc who thinks they are strong and can freestyle, more than 60 Mc’z turned up, and we even had to close the regestration form because of the big numbers. Yet durin’ the 1st season, Mcs came around 30, simply just because they thought EOW was like any other rap battles, but later realised that it was a global Hip Hop movement.

This new season has got  more energy, new champion contenders and  more strong Mc’s.
We alwayz need only 6 Mc’z For the Finals.. Though we had some Ties on this one ..so we had the tiez Battle again to get the best. After That we had MAG DAV, BB, MAD RAT, HENY MOORE, LIL KAM, VMP for the finals. So they had to go through 5 rounds To get the 1st kampala Champion.

*WRITTEN ROUND-Mc spits a Written Rhyme over a beat of his choosing*ACAPELA ROUND-spits with no beat*FREESTYLE GRAB BAG-pulls Random objects from a bag and Makes them into Rhymez*BEAT JUGGLING-Mc flows over mixed beats alwayz Dj’z Choice*CYPHA SKILLS-all Mcs trade 4 barz Back to Back.

The Hip Hop Fan base has Alwayz Been supporting and with the variety of the rounds keeps the crowd’z eyez and earz on stage. I believe we gonna have a bigger Fan base during Season 2, 1st Challenge already displayed progression in Action.


kk-300x200BB *Blue Branton* MUWANVU WANVU, nze Aluleeta (aka) THE FREESTYLE KING (aka) LUGA FLOW KAGUTA paka Last. Is the 1st Central Region Champion.

To represent Uganda at EOW , one has got to be a strong Emceec wherever hes given the platofrm and any Eow Champion Has To be able to Freestyle at Any given time.

The EOW Challenge was designed to elevate Gifted, legit Mc’z to Glory.The winner in the Central Region Recieves $100Us Dollarz as the prize and gets a chance to Get on Radio en Tv interviews hence getting exposed.
Winner gains International Recognition And the most Valuable resource in The Hip Hop game- Respect.
The Winner Gets free transport and accommodation to come to Kampala to Attend Challenge of Champions.
The Champion of Champions gets a chance to Travel abroad to attend World Finals! Among so many other Opportunities.

Now Season 2 already Begun, we havin’ Regionz in North, West and East we all comin’. We lookin’ at Buildin’ a community Of Strong Mc’z in Uganda that Can Use Thier Freestylin’ Skills to Give Back to Thier Communitiez.

A Brief on EOW:

For over 10 years, EOW has brought NYC the best in live hip hop at its weekly Sunday night show.bb-300x246

In the dog eat dog world of underground hip hop in NYC, there’s not an MC worth their spit that hasn’t rocked at or earned their stripes at the Dub. It is the premier weekly hip hop show in the city.

End of the Weak also introduced the world to the MC Challenge, a completely unique form of MC competition. Contestants compete in a pentathlon of events of lyrical dexterity to truly see who is the best MC.

In keeping with the mission of fostering dope hip hop, EOW has expanded into the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and as of this past summer, New Zealand. We have Uganda, Japan, and Australia in the pipeline.

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