Eric Frisch’s Goodbye Birdcage Music Review

imagesAhh…new music time again. So I am always poking around for someone new or different to review and reveal to the public at large. On tap… Eric Frisch….storytelling through music is an enduring art form and with this art form he’s telling stories with an oldie but goodie twist….apparently the 50’s-60’s pop sound needs a comeback.

Born Canadian from the city of Toronto and currently finding the muse in New York City Eric Frisch is a multi-talented one man show. Amazeballs to anyone who produces and releases their own albums, maintaining the integrity of the their product. He not only produced but did the vocals , percussion, bass, piano and guitar and so it goes with “Goodbye Birdcage” as the result.

“Goodbye Birdcage” is an homage to Eric’s home city Toronto and the notion of striking out on your own and anchored in the musical influences of groups such as the Beatles, the Monkees and the Beach Boys and the like.

Notable songs on the album are “Learn to Swim” and “Pretty Girls”. Watch and Listen for yourself

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