Europe’s Caribbean Beat Is Rooted In Orange Grove

In Europe, the music industry has taken so many turns that it still has not found its exact footing. Yet, there comes along a band that knows what it wants and especially knows what its fans want. From the Dutch country of Netherlands comes the unique band Orange Grove, and they have the right idea on how to approach their music and their fans. Their band’s title derives from their native home at Sint Maarten and what it represents. The bands music is an innovative mix of reggae and current musical trends.

l_d91f21800451b15c602d8c02a6e13b23-200x300The band is made up of five native Caribbeans who have settled in the sprawling land of the Netherlands. Hence, the band title is fitting for the color most associated with the nation: Orange. The band has financed all of its efforts–and it has been quite the struggle. Yet they still have managed to stay afloat.

“For OG to be able to promote the album in places we’d love to have it featured is not an easy task. Another problem is doing it on our own, we learn a lot along the way and with this release we see quite a few things we could have done much better to get it more exposure in the media. For example, with the next album we release, we will have to let the media world know about it about four months before its release and we should even have the album completely finished months before it is made available. All these publications want to write about upcoming albums and want the CD in their hands before the rest of the world gets it. However, we are doing what we can to still get this record the exposure we feel it deserves. And lately, things have been going quite well with that so we are even happier now…but still not satisfied!”

OG has received some great exposure by appearing on a prime TV show DWDD in Holland. They not only appeared once, but twice; the show is seen by most of the Dutch population. It brought not only good media but a new fan base that was not there before.

The band also enlisted a new producer / engineer Oscar Bor who has reinforced some unique ideas for the group. According to the band he has created a new raw live studio sound that has become a key element to its recent success.l_1d98c86ceaf7bd74da12c456278bbcff-300x200

In addition to all other efforts, OG has also created a worldwide fan base. In the US its popularity is derived by its early days on Also due to the American tourists on vacation at Sint Maarten who may hear them on the radio or see them live; another key factor is the band’s music being picked up by numerous American University radio stations. All of which have embraced the music with positivity.

“We’ve been getting so many emails and comments asking us to please come play in this or that city in the States or to just come to the West Coast or the East Coast etc. It feels great knowing there is a real demand for us to play over there. We really want to tour the US in

l_2ab74ac9b6e5e4ea7c40e4f2bbbed870-200x300The group has managed to break a record in the amount of downloads they have received. The amount now at the million mark, it is a great accomplishment for an independent band overseas. This fact has inspired the band to push forward and never to look back. Orange Grove has performed at countless venues, but the most memorable for them was at their native island Sint Maarten. It was during their Caribbean Tour in 2009 when they played at the Sunset Bar & Grill to a “standing only” crowd.

When it comes to influences, Mike (the leader of the band) admits that the likes of Bob Marley and Sublime have left a lasting impression. Much of the radio-friendly reggae sounds have sparked Mike to delve into his music with all of his body and soul.

On the horizon for OG is the newly released video entitled “Feel That Fire” which comes off the “Fingerprint” album. They have also licensed music to film and TV. Presently, college radio programmers in the United States are supporting their music by placing it in regular rotation. Before the completion of 2010, they plan on releasing at least three new videos off the album.

In addition, a tour is being hatched out for the Caribbean for Spring 2011. At the same time as the tour they will be presenting a semi-acoustic EP of many of the “Fingerprint” tracks along with a few new ones.

They are definitely are a band on a mission. Besides their music they aren’t known as real soccer fans–but they supported their new nation in the World Cup 2010. As they move on to new ventures, OG is just a stone’s throw away from true stardom.


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