Live your purpose. Live your life with passion. Live your dreams.
EXPECT PAIN in life, sports, health, career and love. Learn to over come!

Train. Sleep. Eat. Rest Repeat.

In everyone’s life, we face obstacles that determine our character. These obstacles may be great achievements or they may be huge failures. More times than not we have to fail in order to succeed. Think back in history. Many of our great leaders failed before they succeeded. Such as Benjamin Franklin who failed over a 1000 times before succeeding at making a light bulb. So I say to you expect pain.

Or Michael Jordan who was cut from his high school basketball team before going on to be arguably the greatest basketball player to ever play in the NBA.

We cannot be afraid of failure. As soon as we lose our sense of urgency at being successful, we lose our purpose. Being successful is about getting up after you get knocked down or trying one more time after you’ve failed 1000 times. Life is about achieving when others say you can’t do it. It’s about thinking that the word “impossible” really means “I’m possible.” You push forward when others would have given up. You refuse to quit. Why? Because this is your life, your dreams and your success.

Everything counts! Everything you do today, every decision you make, every thought you have, every action you engage in, has some kind of consequence somewhere in your future. Without measurable specific goals for each important area of your life, these decisions, thoughts and actions become nothing more than a random exercise in futility.

Make a conscious decision today to take control of your life. Instead of maintaining a habit of procrastination, develop a bias for action! Remember, goal setting is not about timing; it’s about decisions. It’s not about luck or chance; it’s about determination and hard work. Being athletic isn’t just about how much talent you have. It’s about being persistent in every aspect.

I say lets finish up 2016 strong. Let me get the real you in 2017. Let me see your greatness and potential. Stop waking up like its an accident.

Life is precious and everyone of us has greatness inside us.

Get up, go out and get yours. LEAVE YOUR MARK!





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