Flavor: Earl Sweatshirt ft. Tyler the Creator – Whoa(Official Video)

Another offering from the young fire spitter Earl. The song ‘Whoa’ goes back to that ‘old f”n 2010 sh@%’ as Tyler the Creator(who produced the record and laces the hook) described it as. Less conceptual than his previous offering ‘Chum’, Earl just uses this record to show people why people were so captivated by his flow and what was missing during his hiatus from the OF Gang. If the vicious spitting and hard hitting beat doesn’t get to you, the opening scene of someones grandmother gliding in a tutu in a trailer park might, right?

Nothing to flashy about this video, yet it’s very visually appealing. I mean, rapping on roofs, rapping in empty pools, rapping in boxers just all seems so much cooler when Earl does it.

Tyler pulls off a couple of Diddy-esque rants, talking about making 250k off socks alone. Oh, and that random kid eating ice cream mad at the world? Thats the rumored guru behind off of the Odd Future merchandise.


Not only is this video so non- visually appealing, it’s appealing, but the song itself is filled with witty, over the top wordplay Earl is infamous for.

This is the second single from Earl, but no word yet on an album release date.



Watch ‘Whoa’ Here


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