Get Ready for Rabbitfoot Records!

Wolfy Lonesome, The Heel Spurs & Lyrical Lumber

100_4818a-300x226On March 3rd, Rabbitfoot Records held their grand opening. In this era of digital downloads. Owner Robert Wallace fully understands the value of the tangible. Something you can hold onto while you listen to the music contained within. There’s something comforting about being able to casually peruse through stacks of stacks of vinyl. To be able to hold LP’s and 45’s, and check out the artwork without squinting or straining to see the minute details, and enjoy the album as a complete piece of art; both audio and visual. New releases on CD and vinyl are available as well.

With the popularity of digital downloads, more and more bands and labels are releasing vinyl, with a free digital download of the LP, as a way to offer something different for the die-hard fans.

But Rabbitfoot Records is more than just a shop for new and old recordings in various formats. There’s also a performance space and on this evening Wolfy Lonesome played his show as a one man band before morphing into a duo and then finally a trio, including Maggie Vicious on bowed saw. He closed out his set with the song, “Hurricane of ’92.”

The Heel Spurs were up next, making their live debut. A kitschy duo made up of husband and wife Joshua and Christina Ramsey. They performed a set of rockabilly and Americana with verve and good natured humor. Lyrical Lumber closed out the evening with a solid set of rock.


Owner Robert Wallace is upbeat and excited about the store. “This has always been my dream. When I was growing up inDetroit, I worked at Harmony House. That was the best job I ever f#$%in’ had. Listening to and talking about music all day.” He says wistfully. “That and twenty years of collecting records. I needed to start selling some of them.”100_4819a-300x288

The shop also carries vintage clothing as well as vintage turntables. “I’m excited,” Continued Wallace. “We have bands from all over the country getting in touch to come perform here. Our closest competition is in Orlando which is fifty miles away. This town needs something like this. It’ll give people something to do.”


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