Godsent : Dan Godlin

While you were at home, hating the meaning of life and existence, Dan Godlin was performing at the East Side of Manhattan’s very own the Cutting Room. Dan Godlin, aside from being a remarkable gentlemen and sweetheart, is an emotional song-writer and a romantically aggressive guitar player. What makes him stand out amongst other artists? His ginger hair.


This acoustic artist was recently premiered on the prestigious and long-running magazine American Songwriter for his hit single “Summer Roads”. He is also traveling to Chicago in the next few weeks to open for Ryan Cabrera and Tyler Hilton at the House of Blues. Godlin had been musically influenced since the age of five. He hated the piano classes his parents shoved him in and  felt uncomfortable with his strict piano teacher who put a notebook under his chin to avoid memorization of his hand movements so he could really study musical notes. In his early pimple-popping, teenage hormonal days he spent his time writing songs for the ladies and in high school was a football God. So good, he was offered several opportunities from top-rated schools to play football, including a few Ivy Leagues.



Instead, Godlin took the humble approach to his very own life and pursued music. Growing up on Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac to Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls, he had really learned to listen to music as well as individual people. Godlin states, “its really annoying  when someone doesn’t listen to you, listening and hearing are two different things.” An optimist at best, he plans for us to see him one day on a couch with Ellen Degeneres and being chatty with Jay Leno. He encourages his surroundings by constantly reminding people to never give up and just be themselves, “you can’t make anybody like you but those who like you will love you!” Godlin, with your Godliness, I’ll be sure to take the summer road to heaven with you.

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