Atlanta is a hot bed of fresh talent, mostly unseen and unsigned.  It’s hard to find an up and comer without an in home recording studio or connections to a friend with one. This town has many fierce young rappers and beat makers all vying for the chance to be the next home grown talent to sky rocket from the basement to the stage. Artists such as B.O.B., Roscoe Dash and Travis Porter to name a few, all hale from the “A”; their success fuels the ambitions of many.

Bishops-musical-command-center-300x224    A self-professed former “Music Snob”, Bishop.Beatzz is a classically trained violinist with a passion for production. He works in his home studio night and day.  When you meet Bishop he appears to be a laid back kind of guy; but, when he talks about his music he is transformed.  One would be hard pressed to find someone with such unbridled desire and contagious enthusiasm as Bishop.Beatzz.  The music that he produces is lush and uncompromised. Upon listening to his work it is easy to say that Bishops’ tracks can rival any music coming from a major production company.  In his own words Bishop says “I got that Space-age technology for yo ass” Indeed bishop prides himself on his use of various cutting edge production programs that one would not usually find in a home studio. Through the use of software such as Wave 8, Protools and a digital microphone Bishop turns out radio ready sound.

Many aspiring artists fall through Bishop’s spot to get more than just a hot beat, they also get some mentoring as well. He advises them that overnight success is not easy, no matter how good the music or how tight the verses they must promote themselves.  When some of Bishops’ protégé’s get signed he feels that he will also be successful.   Bishop.Beatzz’ connections with 24-7 Entertainment and other companies keep him more than busy but that does not stop him from putting his heart into every sound he produces.  Bishop’s vision is to create a Media Center where you can get 1 stop music and video production.

There’s no doubt that the new breed of artists, like Young Swift, O.C. Black Frost, Swoove and Junior Varsity  are on the grind to make a name for themselves; there are many opportunities in Atlanta.  On any given night in the “A” there will be a contest or an Open Mic Night where hopefuls armed with their tracks (most likely laid down in a home studio like Bishop. Beatzz’) can take center stage and show out. The infamous strip club Magic City, The Connect Lounge and the Apache Café are some venues where hungry young rappers jump at the chance to spit at least 8 of their 16 bars; hoping that the right person is in the audience.

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