Grumsling: First Multi-Media Band?

Grumsling is a “rock” group from Oakland, California. This group is much more than your run-of-the-mill rock band. This Indie group’s newest EPs (“Full Coverage” and “A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea”) have talks of graphic novels and movies on the horizon. Can the music quality backup the talks of media?

Grumsling has a dark-toned rock/pop feel to it’s music. This is very unique and gives the band a personal branding and feeling. The uniqueness of the tracks make you feel like you are listening to a totally different genre from anything you have ever heard. I hear some 80’s pop song influence in the synth parts and some Reggae influence in some of the guitar parts. The drums, at times, sound like “underground” hip-hop and the vocals are totally unique. Sometimes there are very dissonant vocal harmonies that really add to the eeriness of the tracks. The repetition in the vocals and melody make the listening process addictive and almost soothing.

Their EP Full Coverage” is very diverse. The first song has a very “poppy” sound but the second has a rap monologue that starts the song. This diversity makes the listener want to listen to the whole album straight through.

Their other EP,”A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea” is very similar to the diversity and has a little bit more of a mysterious vibe to it that is both interesting and intriguing.

Grumsling is a band that acknowledges no boundaries and instead seeks to craft something truly innovative. Frequently featuring guest artists and a unique live show that includes projections and other visual aids, the group is dedicated to revealing the twisted character of Grumsling and the bizarre new mythology he represents. This is a band that will force you to reconsider the very nature of what rock and roll can be.

Grumsling recorded both of their EPs at House of Faith Recording in Oakland, CA.  “Recording Guy” Bart Thurber tracked and mixed both EPs, they were both tracked in live-studio sessions to 1” tape and mixed directly from the board to DAT stereo tracks.  Full Coverage was mastered by Super Genius Myles Boisen, A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea was mastered by Bill Williams.

I personally encourage you to go out and listen to this group. Enjoy!

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