Hillary Barleaux’s self titled album


I don’t often find myself presented with the opportunity to interview female indie musicians, due to the lack there-of. So believe me, when I saw Hillary Barleaux’s name and invite to feature her, I jumped at the chance to snag an interview. Her latest studio album which is self titled, makes you question why she hasn’t taken over the musical world yet, and how I’m just now finding out about her.


We met up over the weekend in Bushwick Brooklyn at one of my favorite bars, and Hillary and I (with whiskey of course) sat down to chat. Hillary let me know that she’s more than just your average “guitar playing, singer/songwriter” and turns out after college at Berklee School of Music in Boston, she’s actually one of the only people she knows who’s still making music. The album is just a taste of what she has to offer. Mind you, she wrote every single track, and played the piano, guitar, and keys on them as well. The album is compiled of songs about love, and the loss of love, growing into a woman, and feeling lost in doing so. Paint is one song she really wanted me to hear, and after listening to it, I can see why.


Nine tracks make the album, but it left me excited about the new work she intends putting out next year. She told me this time around, “a lot has changed, and she’s happier now”, she wants to make “anthems for women” which coming from me, I see her having no problem at all in doing so. The girl has genuine talent, and this album proves just that.

Find out more about Hillary Barleaux and how to get her album below:

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