Hollyweerd: Cabbage Patch Kids Meet Garbage Pail Kids

From the mouths of the most entertaining hip-hop group in the Atlanta area, when asked to describe who they are and what Hollyweerd stand for, the response was a simple, “Think cabbage patch kids meets garbage pail kids.”

The Atlanta based group, Hollyweerd brings a sound and style to the scene that hip-hop has been lacking for the past several years. The true, eclectic sound that rings through the speakers of a Hollyweerd track blending many genres and covering the emotional spectrum.

The group blends all scenes of the Atlanta area into their music from their love of energizing a crowd and their personable attitudes. Hollyweerd has covered the urban scene as well as the subculture scene in Atlanta and is anticipating taking their sound across the country.

With a blend that is uniquely theirs, the most common comparison is to the Atlanta based rap duo Outkast. Tuki views the comparison as, “The essence of Outkast is in us. Those are our main influences but we are our own entity.” Over the past couple of years, Hollyweerd has proven that they are their own entity and are going to pave their own path to their own success.

The group is proud to say that their root fan base was branded from a seed that they planted.  From Tuki working at City of Ink Tattoo and the group cruising around the Atlanta nightlife, Hollyweerd was marketed as normal, down-to-earth dudes playing music that they love.

Their first mixtape, Edible Phat, was followed by a version 2.0 that was hosted by DJ CANNON and opened their fan base to a much wider audience. The single from their first mixtape “Have You Ever Made Love to a Weirdo,” was an instant hit that blends all of the eclectic flavors of Hollyweerd in one tune. Along with the two Edible Phat mixtapes, the group has put out “The Colorblind Cognac,” which was released to iTunes.

With a new project on the way titled “Hollyville,” the group plans to take each listener on a journey to their world. With a broader audience and their specific sound, the new material should be a real treat to any hip-hop fan.

Having played the A3C hip-hop festival the past three years in Atlanta, the city as seen the groups come up from playing back stages to the main stage this past year. A live performance from Hollyweerd is a spectacle that branches from their eclectic sounds and style.

With no date for “Hollyville,” announced yet, the anticipation around town is growing towards the release of the new work.  For those unfamiliar with the group now is the time to check them out and become familiar, because sooner rather than later you will hear about these cats time and time again.

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