As the old saying goes, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’  That about sums it up.  In this crazy society and even crazier economy, the misuse of the land by American Agribusiness is forcing people into a choice– spend their hard earned  money on health food, or on medical cures.

The correlation between eating well and being healthier and feeling better is undeniable.  Food is a powerful medicine; but in a free-market economy some people would rather you buy their junk food regardless of what the long term results of eating such food are.

So as an American person you can choose to spend more money on better food quality, which really reduces health costs in the future, or you can eat whatever TV and the fast food business is selling you and pay for it later.

In my experiences as an acupuncture student and practitioner, I always found that older, sicker people are hard to change their ways.  Preventative medicine and health education of the young is much more effective.  Get the young people to walk the straight way from an early age and save them before its too late.


It’s disturbing that organic vegetables cost more than conventionally grown vegetables. You have to pay more for packaged food labeled as healthy and made with less ingredients than for packaged food filled with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives.

That is in regards to people who cook their own food on a regular basis.  What about the working stiff who doesn’t have time to cook?  Healthier, simpler food is more expensive than fast food and convenience items.  This system of things is crazy, and leads one to believe that perhaps somebody is profiting from our plight.

As I once saw on a Facebook meme, ‘The food industry pays no attention to health, and the health industry pays no attention to food.’  It would be wise to educate yourself about nutrition and wellness and take the clout away from the doctors and the medical establishment.

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