I Eat Heart Attacks Will Kick Some Sense Into You

I Eat Heart Attacks

You Don’t Need Oxygen To Walk On This Fake Moon

Independent Release, 2013

Norwegian two piece, guitar and drums hardcore/noisecore act I Eat Heart Attacks deliver this memorable 4 song EP, for free. And at this price you may want to get two of them.

With the forceful, in your face opener of “Black Hearts,” the brothers Myren, (Jompi Myren on Drums & Vocals, Noppers Myren on Guitar & Vocal), rock hard, with something to prove. Jompi outdoes himself at the tail end with some big memorable, overblown drumming.

The title comes from a line in the second track, “Refuge Tropicana.” I’m not sure what the brothers are so mad about, but lets hope they don’t calm down anytime soon. This level of intensely focused anger is refreshing and this is the perfect place to assert such aggression.

“Two Step Paranoia” has some nice loud/quiet dynamics in it. With a slower grind to it than other tracks, there’s more room for the vocals to emote. A strong, solid close to a strong, solid release.


Download this EP for free here: http://ieatheartattacks.bandcamp.com/

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