If We Force Feed Morrissey His Feet, Will He Still Be a Vegan?

Please, please, please shut up

Morrissey: singer, vegan, animal rights activist and world class douche-bag. On July 24th while performing in Warsaw, Poland, the legendary British singer opened his mouth and showed yet again what an out of touch tool he is. Prior to singing Meat is Murder, the 52-year-old British singer told the crowd: “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, with 97 dead [sic]. Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried s— every day.”

O-k, we get that Morrissey’s upset the world doesn’t share your beliefs en masse, but really? Upset fans voiced their outrage with the clueless one, posting their shock and discontent. Some called for his retirement.  But this is paltry. Don’t give him any more money. Don’t go to his shows, and if you do, maybe bring some pickle loaf to throw at the stage. Better yet, some scrapple or head cheese would do Moz right.

Morrissey attempted to better explain himself by issuing a statement, but it didn’t help.    “The comment I made on stage at Warsaw could be further explained this way: Millions of beings are routinely murdered every single day in order to fund profits for McDonalds and KFCruelty, but because these murders are protected by laws, we are asked to feel indifferent about the killings, and to not even question them.”

I wish I could post a clip, but alas the guys in Skurvy the Clown never managed to record the track, “Shooting Vegetarians for Fun.” This could play over the video clip of Morrissey visiting the memorial sites for the recently deceased in Norway. Standing there face to face with friends and family of those needlessly gunned down, he could explain how their children are less important than chickens, pigs and cows bred to be consumed. Let’s be sure to leave the camera’s rolling to capture the other parties’ point of view.

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