Indie Music Review: Cosby “Heartracer”

Find space on your iPod for some cool new music with an 80’s synth pop sound. Cosby, a band of brothers Chris and Chip are synth pop rockers…who rock a fusion of indie 80’s synth and Britpop that has birthed a retro sound filled with dance energy.

Jump right in and dance…of course dance anything but “the Carlton” and you’ll be alright. Cosby’s musician brothers hailing from Richmond Virginia, came together in their individual tastes, talents and love for 80’s synth pop in 2012. Springing forward from their debut album “In Flight” which was released in November, 2013…the band has been compared to Britpop bands Passion Pit,the Killers and Cinema Club. Cosby has opened for band such as Blues Traveler, Future Islands and the Killers. If you love and miss the 80’s bubblegum…then I suggest you find love with the birth of the band Cosby, a band devoted to the celebration this genre of music, energetic,entertaining fun music has produced a new single “Heartracer”.

The new single “Heartracer” and it’s new video with it’s video game theme are energetic and fun with a message of hope. Cosby has laid down the track “Heartracer” as call to ease and peace for all mankind to come together on this our planet Earth. The band Cosby describes “Heartracer” like this ” is about “that” moment when we finally feel at ease with the realization that we are all for better or worse heading in the same direction.”

The band Cosby consists of Brothers Chris on Guitar/Vox and Chip on Keyboard/Synth Vox with Mike Levinson rounding them out with drums/percussion.

Rock on!!!!

Listen here on Soundcloud:

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